401k Fiduciary Management

Incentivize Employees with a well suited 401(k) Plan

As an employer or human resource professional, you should have your employees’ best interest at heart. Just as you work to keep them safe while on the clock, you should work to protect their financial future as well. But you never need to bear the burden of designing a sound 401(k) plan for your employees alone. Our experience in working with company retirement plans means we can help guide you through the selection and implementation process.



We Offer Services To Assist Both You
And Your Employees Including:


Fiduciary Guidance

If you are the one in charge of your business’s employer-sponsored retirement plan, you have a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of your employees. We’ll help you understand this personal liability and what needs to be done to fulfill your duties.


Investment Analysis

Selecting a suitable investment option for your company can greatly impact the outcome of your employees’ retirement funds. Together we’ll analyze your current options and decide whether or not you’re balancing the appropriate amount of risk with the likelihood of achieving your participants’ retirement account goals.


Fee Reasonableness Assessment

As a business owner, you need to strike a balance between the cost of sponsoring a retirement plan and the fees your plan participants will pay. We’ll help you assess and evaluate the cost of the investments and the plan to determine if your current selections are right for your business.


Financial Wellness & Retirement Readiness

Your employees are the heart of your business, and we want to see them achieve a successful retirement as much as you do. That’s why we offer important financial education opportunities including seminars and one-on-one guidance to help address any pressing financial concerns they may have.


401(k) Provider Analysis

We’ll help you confirm whether or not your current plan provider is offering an appropriate selection of products and services at a competitive cost for you and your employees. As an independent firm, we can offer an unbiased analysis and recommendations as we discuss your 401(k) plan provider options.


Plan Design

After finding the right provider for you and your employees, we’ll develop a plan together that offers sound solutions for your participants. Our firm can help you and your plan remain in compliance with today’s DOL and IRS regulatory standards.

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